Christmas Card 2009

Before computers designers used curvy rulers to draw beautiful smooth curves, these were called french curves. French curves also resemble a 'one horse open sleigh'. Have a relaxed and inspiring festive season.


Merry Christmas from all the crew at Enoki.


The process of setting a table, presenting a meal, serving the food and most importantly sharing and eating it is very special to me.

I have always had a passion for food, hence the passion for cutlery and serving utensils followed.

The use of natural materials with which to serve, natural, whole foods was one of the main influencers for stem.

Their elegant, simple, yet organic appearance is complimented by the angled tip detail which acts as a resting base for the utensils.

The delicate natural stem demonstrates our notion of slow, good food and design.

finish: recycled Walnut bathed in olive oil
Design Finalist in Harpers Bazaar + Nastro Azzurro's creative types competition 2009.

KESAB Waste and Recycling Tour

Went on a bus tour to find out where our waste and recycling bins go when they leave our household and business kerb.
Waste gets dumped to one main dispatch point at Wingfield where semi-trailers go to load up and ship the waste to landfill locations around South Australia. When landfill areas reach their maximum capacity they compact and cover it to make it land for waste recovery sites.

Recycling is a science and potentially a big money-making business that is helping reduce landfill. South Australia’s recyclable product gets exported to Asia because local industry is unable to manufacture from the recyclable material. South Australia doesn’t even have its own paper mill. Other states do, and their mills are substantially supported by their own paper waste.

Our recycle bins go to Visy recovery centres where all the recycled products are sorted by hand and distributed on conveyor belts to the different areas. There is metal, plastic, glass and paper.

The tour visited statewide recycling where all the metal and plastic beverage containers go to be packed into bails and shipped to Asia. Green plastic bottles are the least valuable material. Beverage cans can not be crushed before coming here as they get caught in sorting machines.

Even though a product has a recycle symbol on it doesn’t mean it can go into our recycling bins. For example, the foam packaging from TV entertainment packaging, shredded paper, squashed cans, lids to tuna cans, anything smaller than a human hand like the lids to tuna cans, anything that has lost its original shape, plastic bags or plastic that doesn’t hold its shape, any household glassware, window glass or any broken glass can not be recycled in these bins. The list is long. I didn’t know that all these things and more contaminate the recycling depot and turn our recycling into waste. There is a list of product that our recycling bins are designed for. I don’t look at my recycling bin as a bin any more. It is a life line. Everything that goes into this bin benefits our future.

All household green waste bins are contaminated except for the green waste bins that come from council ground keepers who keep their green waste strictly green. All our green waste bins go directly to Jefferies garden soils. The household green waste bins are dumped in a big pile and sorted by hand. They are contaminated with fabric and textiles, glass, animal waste, pesticides, building materials, ash, dirt, paints and plastic bags. jefferies takes our green waste and turns it into high quality mulch that helps soils retain water.

Our bins need to be used properly if recycling is to work. The contaminants from the green waste bin and the recycling bin are rubbish and can be dealt with at other recycling depots that can be visited personally.

WIP book

Enoki publishes the WIP book each year in December. The 2nd issue is currently in dispatch. We seek out all our intentions and missing files in this tactile book of expressions, excursions and passionate pursuits that make our world as infinite as possible. We draw more and more out of the world we experience through our projects and personal life. There is infinity in everything we do and the WIP book is a salute to that. We hope you enjoy it. Made especially for you and us.

Hermes Design Boom Competition

When luxury brand Hermes Paris, in collaboration with designboom organised an international graphic design competition to conceive new patterns for use on their ties, Enoki got to work. The selected entry would be put into production by Hermes, a most exciting opportunity. Enoki produced five entries, all of which are displayed here. Solutions range from typographic to 'H' motifs to playing on the equestrian theme in a most abstract way.

Hermes One: Origami horse folding diagram used as patterning.

Hermes Two: Abstract 'H' or graphic travel pathways.

Hermes Three: Abstract 'H' Tie Fighters (Star Wars).

Hermes Four: Name repeat influenced by architectural structures.

Hermes Five:
Name repeat graffiti for the urban traveller.


Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition 2009

The Adelaide Fringe is an arts festival that is having its 50th Anniversary in 2010. Every year the event organisers ask for submissions for the Fringe Poster Competition. The chosen entry then becomes the visual identity for that year's event.

'Chained Dancing Bear Cut Loose'
Communicating unbridled creativity. The bear in the poster represents the Fringe Event, its eye and mouth are made out of the numeral '50' to represent the 50 years of existence. The love heart roar is music to our ears. 'What a Magnificent Beast'.

'Lucy in the Sky'
"50" individuals joining hands representing the essence of the Fringe: universal collaborations; families + individuals getting together; plunging into new environments; places + colours; the use of recylced materials; hand-made; for the people by the people, celebration of expression.

Belle Georg Jensen Design Awards 2009

Belle Magazine Dec/Jan 2009 issue presents the Belair Hotel as a finalist in the Belle Georg Jensen Design Awards for 2009. We are beaming with glee and happy for the whole crew who collaborated on the project. Thanks to Belle Magazine and Georg Jensen responsible for bringing high calibre projects into the lime light and appreciating the passionate pursuit of venues with intentions to indulge the entourage.

Belair Hotel + Venue Magazine

Belair Hotel gets a mention in Venue Magazine volume 33, 2009 edition. Thanks for the write up Venue Mag! We enjoy being updated with the latest specialised venues and commercial products as part of your monthly collections. We hope we work on many future projects that get a feature in your mag! Congratulations to the Belair Hotel, who also have a fabulous chef, delightful hosts and trainspotting animation!

Rail Swashes typeface

When 'Rail' was developed, a sister typeface was developed to work with it to soften its hard edges. 'Rail Swashes' takes inspiration from leafy surrounds. It has a provincial style that is warm and inviting. Together with 'Rail', 'Rail Swashes' adds a subtle visual complexity, and speaks gently about the interaction between man-made and organic forms.

South Australian Design Awards 2009

Enoki entered 7 projects across the three disciplines of Visual Communication, Object and Built Environment, and has been recognised for outstanding designsolutions and professional design practice at this years DIA Awards.


Built Environment
Award of Merit – Belair Hotel
Commendation – Brammy & Kyprianou Residence

Visual Communication
Commendation – Form3 07 Book
Commendation – Belair Hotel

DIA Presidents Award
Usually awarded to highlight a project that reflects the highest standard of professional practice in South Australia. This year the award was presented to Enoki for entering high calibre projects into each category and displaying sensitive methodologies that cover all disciplines.

'Moss' stop

In response to the Travel DIA Exhibition 2009, SAMANTHA AGOSTINO [ENOKI] wanted to think about a series of bus stops designed to nurture and nourish the bus traveller from the dreary and polluted waiting on congested streets.

She discovered that the "bus traveller made our world a greener place to live, the bus traveller needed a greener place to sit"

Travelling by bus means there is Less burnt fuel; Reduction of urban air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; Fewer cars on the road - less traffic, noise and congestion. Buses emit only 2.3% of all South Australian greenhouse gas emissions from transport by vehicle category.

The Adelaide Metro's gas buses greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%, carbon monoxide emissions up to 80%, nitrogen oxide emissions up to 90%, particularly sulphur and lead emissions as well as reduce traffic noise.

Looking at the concept of green travel and commuting by public transport she found a fellow designer making public commuters feel greener. Check out

Enoki is always thinking how the experience of travel can be more natural, comfortable and good for us. A large percentage of travel generates or is located in areas of air pollution, noise pollution and advertising pollution. In today's world we do not have time for travel and we are focused on the quickest way of doing everything. Travel is all about engaging with the world around us and generating inspiration from people, nature and the built environment. The Travelling can be as enjoyable as the destination.


In response to the Travel DIA Exhibition 2009, SUSANNA BILARDO [ENOKI] dreamed up a time travel piece called 'time'kerchief'. A 1m square screen printed giant cotton hankerchief with a built in clock. It is a portable world clock. For the international traveller in all of us, a clock that travels through all the major world time zones giving you the time of any city at any given time of the day. 'time'kerchief' folds down neatly into its leather pouch ready to join your luggage and the adventures that await! It also comes as a wall hanging with larger hands. We have one on the wall in our office. It keeps us in tune with the times.

Rail typeface

This typeface was developed for a client and then put aside. When the Type For You competition was accepting submissions it was entered. It is a mono spaced typeface based loosely on the structure of a railway track. It is affectionately named 'Rail'.

Nesting above the madding crowd

This is a concept we developed for Guggenheim's Design It; Shelter competition. If we had to build a shelter any where in the world and it could only be 9.3 sqm, it would have to be in new york city my friend, nesting above the madding crowd. Our shelter - a woven network of interlocking fibres, sheltered yet partly open to the elements, which cling to the existing urban fabric – a nest with which to sit, a perch from which to view the chaos which beckons below, a web from which to spring into the city beneath us. This shelter is void of boundaries – its malleable nature changes with the shape and movement of those in it.


The Bow chair is inspired by aerial photography of natural flowing water through curving country streams. This design is a comfortable armchair, a reading chair, a meeting chair. Its proportions allow for relaxed ergonomic seating. The Bow chair is finished in natural oak or walnut. The seat and back in timber or finished in a saddle leather veneer. The leather is rebated into the side frame to create a seamless finish to the timber.

The Bow table was inspired by The Bow chair and was born from a desire to reconnect the user with a more casual, more comfortable and more enjoyable way of doing business, reading, watching television or chatting with friends. Tables are often upright, imposing platforms at which one rests their elbow, eats a meal or conducts a meeting. The Bow table top with its organic, circular form has been designed to encourage conversation, interaction, communication and relaxation at a more human scale. The legs are styled to replicate the form of the bow chair - strong and organic, like the leg of a gazelle in full flight or the arching of a bow before its release yet subtle and soft like the movement of branches in a gentle breeze. Together the Bow chair and table should entice people with their sensuous, comfortable and inviting form.

sizes to be manufactured
BOW TABLE 1200 dia. x 600mmH
BOW CHAIR 650W x 870D x 840mmH

finish: natural oak/walnut + saddle leather veneer

At the Markets

The weekend was busy at Bowerbird Bazaar! There was a jazz band on the opening night and saturday + sunday we mingled all day long. It was groovy, delicious and entertaining. We made new friends and everyone enjoyed our Stitch rugs, Shapes furniture, Cumulus pendants and the Soup t'shirts. A shout out to our new friends Loop Design, Two Halves, Designer Muzik, Keep Cup, Feed the Dog, Espresso Royale!! Thanks to all our clients and friends who came along. A little birdy told me that bowerbird bazaar will frequent the city in Adelaide twice a year!

Bowerbird Bazaar

We are brushing our feathers ready for our showing at the BOWERBIRD BAZAAR in Adelaide! We are delighted to be involved and team up with the locals who take their work seriously and love to let their ideas go wild in a collaborative showcase market. We will be launching our Stitch rug collections along with Shapes for children, Soup Tshirts and the Cumulus pendant. We hope you drop by and say gday.


Finally 'Shapes' is in production! Flat packed, made out of recycled cardboard and put together with interlocking shapes. It entertains children aged 1-10. The table top is available in four plain colours, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and gooseberry. Table tops can be customised with screenprinted names or graphics.

'Shapes' is packaged in a party size pizza box, great for gift wrapping and sending by post. SUSANNA + JUDD [ENOKI] designed 'Shapes' for their children to use in the family living room. Its functional, recycled, structural, entertaining and mixes well with family homes and children spaces.


We have been designing rugs since 2000 - Ranges and oneoff's. They have always been made of 100% NZ wool. We wanted to take this a step further.... In 2008 Judd + Susanna [ENOKI] came up with the idea and imagery that has become 'SOUP'. A range of alphabet symbols designed to be applied on a range of media.

In a group brainstorming session - the desire to hand make the rugs - using recycled materials was the main inspiration behind embroidering the 'SOUP' images into recycled cotton carpet underlays manufactured by The Smith Family.

It was a desire to escape the stress, speed and strain of commercial deadlines and create by hand - SLOW DESIGN - SLOW MAKE. The use of a ready made, recycled and "manufactured on mass" carpet underlay appealed. The thick felted underlay has inherent structural + acoustic properties, making it highly functional. We wanted to bring it out from hiding under other carpets + layers. It's simple, clean aesthetic is enhanced with our simple, totally bespoke embroidery. We do not want any 2 pieces to be alike.

The use of recycled materials and a small carbon footprint resulted from a process of SLOW DESIGN - SLOW MAKE. A beautiful product made from a utilitarian product which has been personalised by human interaction. Manufactured in one size 1.8 x 2.5 with no wastage.

The project outcomes are a cost effective, accessible + useable designer product for the craftsperson in us all. A product ENOKI intended to manufacture in collaboration with various community groups, with proceeds going to the organisations.

Stitch rug/wall hanging

Materials – grey recycled 100% cotton carpet underlay +
Stitched wool of varying thicknesses
Stitch Colours – black, white, yellow, green, grass green, blue, pink, red
Soup Images – 52 to choose from
Dimensions – 1850mm W x 2500mm H
Retail price - $2000 + gst
Wholesale pricing is available for more information contact Enoki.

Idea09 Awards

We submitted two projects into the IDEA09 awards and we have been shortlisted! We are happy to see two of our projects published in issue 58 2009 of (inside) interior design review magazine. This is a good feeling. cheers (inside) mag!


Designed and manufactured as a handcrafted inhouse piece, that produces a very small carbon footprint + assigns the skills of local craftspeople. The inspiration came from a day walking through the streets of Melbourne one sunny winters afternoon. VI NGUYEN [ENOKI] wanted to capture the essence of a daydream - a time to reflect + imagine forms in the clouds above.

available sizes
SM 460 dia. x 550mmH
MED 660 dia. x 780mmH
LG 860 dia. x 1015mmH

finish: recycled tasmanian oak + muslin shade
lamp: CLA Australian owned company, spheral CFL energy saver

Adelaide Flower House branding

#1 In the jungle, a butterfly touched my face, and LILY stole my heart.
#2 We enjoyed a long lunch, then finally ROSE opened up.
#3 The wrinkles on her face did not hide POPPY'S ageless beauty.
#4 The opulence of the Persian palace was heightened by the dancing HYACINTH.
#5 Pop went the cork, DAPHNE was always present at these special occasions.
#6 I was nervous at my first lesson, CAMELLIA took control and showed me all the steps.
#7 It was my trademark, a CARNATION on my lapel.
#8 The GINGER SPECTABILUS tea, settled my stomach and initiated complete calm.
#9 We hunted all day, but still the SILVAN RED remained illusive.
#10 It was a stirring song, the ANTHERIUM had my heart welling up with joy.
#11 It was time to change my shirt, a SNOWBALL had fallen on my head.
#12 The trail became steeper, but the beautiful HYDRANGEAS lightened our mood.
#13 From the moment I heard her singing voice, LISSIANTHUS had me captivated by her spell.
#14 I watched her gently sway in the afternoon breeze, I always did have a thing for BRUNEIS.
#15 It had been a hard day, DAISY delicately stroked my forehead and I was rejuvinated.
#16 The opulence of the Persian palace was heightened by the dancing HYACINTH.
#17 I lazed in the sun with an idle mind, DAHLIA woke me with her splendor.
#18 Once the candles were lit, VIOLET swept me off my feet.
#19 Our field of dreams was abundant with TULIPS.
#20 In the Winter rain, GLORIOSA shuddered with delight.
#21 It was a dream, we were small and walking through a forest of LOTUS PODS.
#22 A delicate aroma caught me by surprise, PEONY had entered the room.
#23 We climbed to the top of the tower, but still IVY wanted to climb higher.
#24 She told me there was a surprise for dinner, mouthwatering CRABCLAWS.
#25 We spent hours in the sunshine enjoying our beautiful GARDENIAS.
#26 Some spoke of the hideous beast but MONSTERIA was breathtakingly beautiful.
#27 I arrived at the island with trouble in my heart, her HYBISCUS and her song free my soul.
#28 Her FIG entree left me wanting more.
#29 We celebrated the birth of our ninth with ORCHIDS, as we always did.
#30 Down in Missisippi the Jazz was heaving and the MAGNOLIAS were intoxicating.
#31 The FREESIA in her hair fluttered in the breeze, as I watched her sleep.
#32 The orchestra music became even more dramatic when the TUBEROSE began to play.
#33 On balmy nights in CELOSIA BOMBAY the giant cicadas made a deafening racket.
#34 It felt really naughty, eating BOUVARDIA at midnight.
#35 We were itchy all over in the evening heat, until we applied our MOLLACCA BALM.
#36 There is only one way to steel a golden egg, climb a DODDAVINE to a giants keep.
#37 What a majestic sunrise, DELPHINIUM lifted her head to see.
#38 A foreboding darkness fell upon the forest, my glowing AMARYLLIS protected me that night.
#39 The AMARANTHUS stood next to the dais, and lifted our hearts with her presence.
#40 I twisted, struggled and turned, but HELICONIA held me firm in her gaze.
#41 Then STEPHANOTIS spoke, everyone listened with eager ears.
I remember the ALSTROMERIA in her hair, complimented her exotic smile.