WIP book

Enoki publishes the WIP book each year in December. The 2nd issue is currently in dispatch. We seek out all our intentions and missing files in this tactile book of expressions, excursions and passionate pursuits that make our world as infinite as possible. We draw more and more out of the world we experience through our projects and personal life. There is infinity in everything we do and the WIP book is a salute to that. We hope you enjoy it. Made especially for you and us.

Hermes Design Boom Competition

When luxury brand Hermes Paris, in collaboration with designboom organised an international graphic design competition to conceive new patterns for use on their ties, Enoki got to work. The selected entry would be put into production by Hermes, a most exciting opportunity. Enoki produced five entries, all of which are displayed here. Solutions range from typographic to 'H' motifs to playing on the equestrian theme in a most abstract way.

Hermes One: Origami horse folding diagram used as patterning.

Hermes Two: Abstract 'H' or graphic travel pathways.

Hermes Three: Abstract 'H' Tie Fighters (Star Wars).

Hermes Four: Name repeat influenced by architectural structures.

Hermes Five:
Name repeat graffiti for the urban traveller.


Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition 2009

The Adelaide Fringe is an arts festival that is having its 50th Anniversary in 2010. Every year the event organisers ask for submissions for the Fringe Poster Competition. The chosen entry then becomes the visual identity for that year's event.

'Chained Dancing Bear Cut Loose'
Communicating unbridled creativity. The bear in the poster represents the Fringe Event, its eye and mouth are made out of the numeral '50' to represent the 50 years of existence. The love heart roar is music to our ears. 'What a Magnificent Beast'.

'Lucy in the Sky'
"50" individuals joining hands representing the essence of the Fringe: universal collaborations; families + individuals getting together; plunging into new environments; places + colours; the use of recylced materials; hand-made; for the people by the people, celebration of expression.

Belle Georg Jensen Design Awards 2009

Belle Magazine Dec/Jan 2009 issue presents the Belair Hotel as a finalist in the Belle Georg Jensen Design Awards for 2009. We are beaming with glee and happy for the whole crew who collaborated on the project. Thanks to Belle Magazine and Georg Jensen responsible for bringing high calibre projects into the lime light and appreciating the passionate pursuit of venues with intentions to indulge the entourage.

Belair Hotel + Venue Magazine

Belair Hotel gets a mention in Venue Magazine volume 33, 2009 edition. Thanks for the write up Venue Mag! We enjoy being updated with the latest specialised venues and commercial products as part of your monthly collections. We hope we work on many future projects that get a feature in your mag! Congratulations to the Belair Hotel, who also have a fabulous chef, delightful hosts and trainspotting animation!

Rail Swashes typeface

When 'Rail' was developed, a sister typeface was developed to work with it to soften its hard edges. 'Rail Swashes' takes inspiration from leafy surrounds. It has a provincial style that is warm and inviting. Together with 'Rail', 'Rail Swashes' adds a subtle visual complexity, and speaks gently about the interaction between man-made and organic forms.