Christmas Postcard 2010

Enoki would like to thank all of its clients for their continued support in 2010 and we look forward to working with you all in 2011. May it be a wonderful partnership. The concept for this years Christmas Postcard is that of a television station ending its programming for the day, month or season. The test pattern is displayed, only on 'Enoki TV', the Christmas Tree Test Pattern is displayed to herald the beginning of the Christmas Season.


Fashion Shoot Backdrop

One of Enoki's residential projects has been chosen as the backdrop for a fashion shoot for the Summer Edition of the Adelaide Magazine. These images have been beautifully styled by Deni Jones from Cul-de-sac.

Artful Flowers for Sale

After art directing the photography for the upcoming online shop for Adelaide Flower House, the results have amazed. These beautifully arranged bunches artfully photographed by Simon Vaughan of Evolved Images are a sight to behold. Visitors to the new online shop will be able to see exactly what they are buying. Visit this blog soon for the release of the refreshed Adelaide Flower House website with online shopping facility.


Welcome Alex Moeck

After an arduous final year at University, Alex Moeck joins Enoki. We are very excited to be working with her and extend her a warm welcome. Take a look at her fabulous end of year project above. Alex has an impressive list of achievements from the past two years. Please see them listed here.

Caroma Dorf Prize in Interior Architecture
Worldsend Prize for Interior Architecture Research
Deep Blue Tech Prize [The Life Aquatic Project]
Shortlisted for the Hames Sharley Prize in Interior Architecture

Laminex Group Prize in Interior Architecture
Shortlisted for the Woods Bagot Prize in Interior Architecture


The craft of sign making

Paul Jones from Xeed ID continually manufactures beautifully crafted signage and installations. This Christmas Tree that lights up is a great example of his expertise. He is a great collaborator with a wide range of designers and a dependable team member on any project. He has collaborated on this Christmas Tree for Becks Bakehouse with Hellen Kiprizloglou of Prana Design Studio.

The Haus – DIA Silver Award

At the 2010 Laminex Group South Australian Design Institute of Australia Awards Enoki was awarded a Silver Award for the identity and environmental graphics created for The Haus Hahndorf in the Visual Communication Category.

Connection with Human Interactions

Poppies Flowers asked Enoki to re-brand their shop. The brief asked that the design be organic, natural, earthy and perhaps even a little bit raw. The solution revealed itself during the design process and was really quite simple. Hand writing is as organic as it gets. Hand writing also has a connection with human interactions, letter correspondence, expressing love or writing a list. The final concept came about with the thought 'if I was writing a shopping list, I would write flowers on my list'. The business cards and message cards use heavy recycled cardboard and are die-cut into abstract, simple poppy shapes. Poppies Flowers are situated at 363 Glen Osmond Road, Glen Osmond.


Stem Bottle Opener Makes the Final 5

The ‘Stem’ bottle opener embodies the Peroni ethos. The use of beautiful materials – solid walnut and anodized aluminium reflect the high end nature of the product. Its simple and elegant styling, highlight the ergonomics of the piece which is contoured to allow for ease of use. The attention to detail of the seamless junction between the two materials express the high end aesthetics, the technical precision and the class that is ‘Stem’ for Peroni. The ‘Stem’ bottle opener was one of 5 finalists out of 400 entries.


AGDA Poster Annual 2010

The theme for this year's Australian Graphic Design Association Poster Competition was 'Optimism'. How can graphic design bring about lasting social change. We were excited by this theme and produced 6 posters in all, with many other great ideas coming after the completion date. Pictured are a few of our favourites.


Best Australian Interiors

Enoki is featured in the recently published book, Best Australian Interiors for our work on three projects.

Adelaide Living

Enoki makes two appearances in the launch issue of Adelaide Living magazine. Cumulus features alongside other inspiring designs from Adelaide designers and Susanna Bilardo in the Decorate, Renovate or Detonate section.

House and Garden

Enoki makes it in to the Top 50 Rooms feature of the November issue of Australian House and Garden that showcases their favourite Australian interiors of 2010. The Freschi residence in the Adelaide Hills is also covered by the magazine which Enoki worked on.

Artisan's Workshop

We visited the workshop of Tony Neighbour, a true artisan who specialises in anything solid timber. Tony helps us with our prototyping from time to time. His workshop is a treasure trove full of interesting objects old and new, with fine examples of carving and craftsmanship to be found. We look forward to our next visit Tony!

Adelaide PARK(ing) Day

PARK(ing) Day is a global event that was started in San Francisco by arts collective Rebar. Since 2005 PARK(ing) Day has grown to include over 500 installations in over 100 cities across North America, Europe, South America and Australia. Its based on the idea that paying a parking meter is like 'renting' a public space, and instead of parking a car, why not park something else?

This year was the first time Adelaide was involved in PARK(ing) Day and we jumped at the chance to be a part of it along with twelve other studios across Adelaide. The name of our park was ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ and featured a pink dinosaur affectionately named Stegga. Luckily Stegga made lots of new friends throughout the day and everyone had a great time. We were also fortunate to win the President’s Inspection Award for most commended park!

Cumulus and Belle

Cumulus spotted in publication again, this time making its way into the October issue of Belle magazine, in the feature highlighting 38 of the latest designs to come from Australian designers.

chART Tapestry Concepts

Enoki established a relationship with Catherine House in 2009. The organization provides supported accommodation for women affected by homelessness. The Education and Employment Program offers a variety of courses using the creative arts as the foundation for safe learning. The key aim is to solve women’s homelessness. In 2009, we asked if the women at Catherine House could help produce our Stitch rugs. This year we have produced some concepts for an exhibition that Catherine House will take part in called chART.

These concepts are intended for a large tapestry/rug that Catherine House can produce in a Stitch-like way. The concepts illustrate a woman's journey through Catherine House – from loneliness and isolation to opportunity and choice.


Designer Rugs Evolve Awards 2010

These two rugs were part of a set entered into the Designer Rugs Evolve Awards 2010. Dog is mans best friend. Woof makes the perfect fireside rug. You will never be lonely with this rug. No, it won't fetch the paper in the morning. 19 Dots is inspired to interact with its users that makes for a fun, whimsical design suitable for all ages and provides a focal point for the home.


Tramstop Typeface

Born out of a desire to create an abstract typeface that is still legible. The name Tramstop has been given to the typeface as the rectangles and squares that make up the letter forms resemble ticket validation holes punched by a tram conductor.


World Space Creators

In today's world, time and space are two of man's greatest commodities. Our society can be divided into two groups. The 'time-rich' young and wealthy desire beautiful spaces in which to relax, play and ultimately shop. The 'time-poor' parent and the working class desire a no fuss, user friendly environment with the immediacy of a direct action and result - the purchase.

With these two groups in mind we have developed a retail system made up of beautifully tactile, highly interactive, intelligent pods. The pods can be customised with a choice of lighting, music, colours and ambient aromas available. They can stand alone, be grouped as a cluster or interconnected to create a sophisticated series of multi-user retail spaces.

The pods have an interactive viewing screen that displays a virtual mannequin with the customer's dimensions. Selected items can be viewed and worn by the virtual mannequin. The screen removes the need to try anything on, as the customer can see how the item suits them on the virtual mannequin. If the item is desired the sale is completed via credit card, and the item is delivered to the viewing room via a mechanical belt.

A 'time-rich' customer can immerse themselves in the interactivity and spend many hours with friends 'trying' things on. A 'time-poor' customer can go straight to the item they desire, buy and leave in a matter of minutes. A shopping experience that satisfies those with time and those that have to be somewhere else.


Joy T

As part of the World Space Creators Award 2010, Enoki entered the Joy T competition. The brief called for designs for a pop up t-shirt shop, including, shop visuals, t-shirt retailing ideas, and actual t-shirt designs.

We decided to use Soup and make it into a label. The pop up shop became a giant soup can vending machine that could be placed at various locations filled to the brim with t-shirts! This had a viewing window and a rotating rack to allow customers to view each t-shirt before making a purchase. Upon pressing the 'buy' button the t-shirt would be released and slide through their corresponding chute and rest at the edge of the can to be picked up, unpacked and worn.

The t-shirts are cut with a circular neck and rounded hem at the bottom picking up on the form of the soup can and features an illustration representing a letter of the alphabet to create 26 unique tees. Each t-shirt is packaged in a clear plastic soup can that pops in half.