The Adelaide Magazine

One of our favourite local reads features one of our much loved projects, the Brammy Kyprianou Residence. A collaboration with Troppo Architects saw a living and breathing space pieced together collectively with the client's intention to live in harmony with their environment. Once again a great issue and always a great read with the tantalising pictures from some of our favourite photographers. Big shout out to Anna Flanders, we miss you.

The Adelaide Magazine, The Advertiser, Thursday MARCH 10 2010

Street Dreams

Enoki's Tim Grisbrook gets busy with Street Dreams, a collaborative Street Artist Festival during this year's Adelaide Fringe. The theme is "Our city in the year 2060". Tim is highly entertaining in the office when it comes to illustration and cardboard, we are looking forward to seeing him dive into this sprawling Urban Art Form.

GHOST WALKING TOUR through hidden backstreets 6pm
Thursday March 4th, 15 Peel Street Adelaide.

OPENING PARTY projectors and paint 6pm
Friday March 5th, 15 Peel Street Adelaide.

MURAL a permanent fixture 10.30am, ARTJAM open-invite to flex your art 11am, T-SHIRT PARTY must wear plain white-Tee 6pm
Saturday March 6th, 15 Peel Street Adelaide.

WORKSHOP all day decorate the city 10am, DUMPSTER EXHIBITION feature artists decorate dumpsters 6pm
Sunday March 7th, 15 Peel Street Adelaide.

For more info visit streetdreams.

Gilles Street Markets

Enoki sets up shop at Gilles Street Market. Market prices. Limited time only. Summer Stock Clearance. Sunday 21 Feb, 7 Mar, 21 Mar, 4 Apr & 18 Apr 2010.

Gilles Street Market 10am - 4pm.
91 Gilles Street, Adelaide, Australia. Gilles Street Primary School.

Coming Together

Designed for (SOTA) The Society of Typographic Aficionado's Font Aid IV. A project uniting the typographic and design communities in raising funds to expedite relief efforts in Haiti. Everyone is encouraged to help the cause by spreading the word to friends and colleagues.

Type Designers & Graphic Designers from around the world have contributed artwork to be included in a type face created exclusively for the Font Aid IV effort. The theme of Font Aid IV is "Coming Together" which will be made available for sale with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

"Coming Together" is an Ampersand "&" font sold for $20 US through several type distributors yet to be announced.

Close to 400 people from 37 countries participated.

This ampersand is constructed out of planks. It symbolises the structural rebuilding of Haiti.
Font Aid IV: Coming Together, a Collaborative Typeface

Valentine's Day branding

1) I sang a song. I made her laugh. I danced with joy. I yearned for love yet declared. Take these flowers and read this note. Know my heart.

2) My head did not choose the way forward. I saw the beauty in the fields and on the bushes. I picked so many flowers. We came together.

3) In the beauty of everyday my heart becomes lost. With flowers given I soar once more and rest in love.

For the Adelaide Flower House