Cumulus production

Local joiner delivers Cumulus frames for a big order in Handorf, SA. The Sewing machine is metal peddling in the boardroom and Towers of Cumulus hug us throughout the office day. We will miss them when their gone. Pendants prepare for their final dress rehersal before residing in the Adelaide Hills. A restaurant called The Haus, will bring Cumulus indoors to dine with us. The Haus is open for business mid-April 2010.

Ivy Chandelier

This is prototype/1 for the Ivy Chandelier. Juggling cost with construction, recycled materials with hand made techniques, function with decoration and processes with science experiments. We are in the science lab with this hand made specialty. We will be in touch with the finished product. The Ivy Chandelier will also be on display in the Adelaide Flower House. To be continued...

Artichoke Magazine

Artichoke magazine’s 30th anniversary issue is out now and the exciting new range of Australian commercial interiors in this spread is impressive. Office spaces are hardly recognisable as they flash dance along side the radical new sights of eateries and shop fronts. It is entertaining and enjoyable to know that Artichoke and Australian design establishes the importance of strong collaboration between client, designer & builder throughout the duration of construction. Enoki gets a mention on page 36.