Five Stories in The Den

The Den is an intimate bar located in the Belair Hotel. The idea behind the name comes from a 'Writer's Den'. Somewhere where a writer can hide away and creatively produce a masterpiece and not be disturbed. With this in mind Enoki wanted to cover one wall with the written word, so five stories were written. A mural of a forest with five animals in it had already been produced for the Hotel. The five animals became the main characters for the five interwoven stories. The illustrations were done to break up the stories and mark where a new story begins. They also made great coasters.

The Fox
The fox followed his senses. He had not eaten for days and now he was hunting. Slowly and carefully he inched closer. The rabbit sat quietly chewing grass in the bushes. Her long white ears twitched, but she had not noticed his approach. Rabbit would settle nicely in his stomach. A woodpecker squawked, and the rabbit ran. The fox was not close enough for the chase. He glared at the bird before returning to the hunt.

The Rabbit
Cool, fresh grasses grew beneath the forest tree. The rabbit nibbled and gnawed to her hearts content. A subtle thump, barely audible, echoed in the rabbits ears. Something big was wandering through the forest. She looked out from the bushes and saw a hulking bear approaching. Her friend the deer was nearby. The deer would be the bears lunch if she did not warn him. The rabbit ran between deer and bear. The deer escaped.

The Deer
He felt nervous in the woods today. Unsafe. The deer scanned the forest for a third time. Over there! A fox! But that fox is a friend. He sighed and chewed some herbs. There must be someone else. A white rabbit dashed out from the undergrowth nearby. Was the rabbit trying to warn him? He looked deeper into the forest and froze. A huge bear stood there among the ash trees. The deer turned and fled.

The Woodpecker
The woodpecker searched carefully. The bark of these trees always hid insects. As long as she kept pecking, she would harvest the rewards. It was a lovely morning for foraging and she was enjoying the company of the rabbit in the bushes below. She noticed something move in the undergrowth nearby. It was a fox on the hunt. She screeched in warning and watched the rabbit bound safely away.

The Bear
For days the bear had tasted only salmon. Boring! An adventure in the forest might yield something interesting to eat. He had picked up the scent of a deer and followed his nose. Now the deer was in sight. He stealthily snuck between the trees, staying low to the ground. A white rabbit alerted the deer of his presence. The deer bolted. With a growling stomach and a touch of disappointment he returned to his fishing.


Pasta Deli - A cohesive project

Enoki was approached to design both identity and retail environment for a high end pasta products retail outlet. The identity concepts were based around simplicity with a focus on hinting pasta and its origins. A unique bold typeface was created for the logo typeface which will be memorable and hold up over time. Enoki commissioned photographer Mike Annese from Blink to capture the pasta making process. These fantastic images were used throughout the retail environment and will become part of the overall identity system. The interior was finished in marble and high quality timber veneers for a sophisticated feel and used LED lighting to create a sombre and relaxed mood.


Coming Together book - Available through Lulu

Font Aid IV, sponsored by the The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), brought together nearly 400 type designers, graphic designers, and other artists from around the world to create the font “Coming Together” to benefit the victims of the January 2010, Haiti earthquake. The font consists entirely of ampersands [one of which was designed by JUDD CRUSH from Enoki], to represent the idea of people coming together to help one another. The font is available through Veer - search for Coming Together.

Now there is a paperback book of 52 pages available online through Lulu.

All money raised by the project is being donated to Doctors Without Borders to help with their relief efforts in Haiti.
Ships in 3–5 business days.

Dezeen + Ventura Lambrate Exhibit 2010

Dezeen teamed up with Organisation in Design to give away a 25 sq m exhibition space in the heart of the new Ventura Lambrate design district in Milan during the Salone del Mobile [International Furniture Fair of Milan] April 2010.

The competition was open for only two weeks. We stumbled upon it in the last days before closing and whipped up an entry in high pursuit. We proposed a platform to show our product, projects and thought processes in a "popup" display system. It was truly exciting to be involved.

Enoki wants to showcase work to global communities with the desire to work, design and play in fields different to Australia. This is mostly because we wish to exercise our design skills with clients who want to explore new ideas and experiment with new ways of doing things.

It is our incentive at Enoki to deliver projects that make a difference, always challenging, improving and providing the end user with a positive and life enriching experience.

Our products are unique as we design and make to feed the soul by slow design. We aim to use no less than 90% recycled or recyclable material within each product; we aim to manufacture no less than 100% of the products in our local community; we aim to use traditional methods and experimental techniques to manufacture all our products.

Our built interior and exterior projects are designed with a holistic approach; Interior and Graphic Design hand in hand; providing the client with optimum space and graphic language; each project is a specialised project.