Designer Rugs Evolve Awards 2010

These two rugs were part of a set entered into the Designer Rugs Evolve Awards 2010. Dog is mans best friend. Woof makes the perfect fireside rug. You will never be lonely with this rug. No, it won't fetch the paper in the morning. 19 Dots is inspired to interact with its users that makes for a fun, whimsical design suitable for all ages and provides a focal point for the home.


Tramstop Typeface

Born out of a desire to create an abstract typeface that is still legible. The name Tramstop has been given to the typeface as the rectangles and squares that make up the letter forms resemble ticket validation holes punched by a tram conductor.


World Space Creators

In today's world, time and space are two of man's greatest commodities. Our society can be divided into two groups. The 'time-rich' young and wealthy desire beautiful spaces in which to relax, play and ultimately shop. The 'time-poor' parent and the working class desire a no fuss, user friendly environment with the immediacy of a direct action and result - the purchase.

With these two groups in mind we have developed a retail system made up of beautifully tactile, highly interactive, intelligent pods. The pods can be customised with a choice of lighting, music, colours and ambient aromas available. They can stand alone, be grouped as a cluster or interconnected to create a sophisticated series of multi-user retail spaces.

The pods have an interactive viewing screen that displays a virtual mannequin with the customer's dimensions. Selected items can be viewed and worn by the virtual mannequin. The screen removes the need to try anything on, as the customer can see how the item suits them on the virtual mannequin. If the item is desired the sale is completed via credit card, and the item is delivered to the viewing room via a mechanical belt.

A 'time-rich' customer can immerse themselves in the interactivity and spend many hours with friends 'trying' things on. A 'time-poor' customer can go straight to the item they desire, buy and leave in a matter of minutes. A shopping experience that satisfies those with time and those that have to be somewhere else.


Joy T

As part of the World Space Creators Award 2010, Enoki entered the Joy T competition. The brief called for designs for a pop up t-shirt shop, including, shop visuals, t-shirt retailing ideas, and actual t-shirt designs.

We decided to use Soup and make it into a label. The pop up shop became a giant soup can vending machine that could be placed at various locations filled to the brim with t-shirts! This had a viewing window and a rotating rack to allow customers to view each t-shirt before making a purchase. Upon pressing the 'buy' button the t-shirt would be released and slide through their corresponding chute and rest at the edge of the can to be picked up, unpacked and worn.

The t-shirts are cut with a circular neck and rounded hem at the bottom picking up on the form of the soup can and features an illustration representing a letter of the alphabet to create 26 unique tees. Each t-shirt is packaged in a clear plastic soup can that pops in half.