The craft of sign making

Paul Jones from Xeed ID continually manufactures beautifully crafted signage and installations. This Christmas Tree that lights up is a great example of his expertise. He is a great collaborator with a wide range of designers and a dependable team member on any project. He has collaborated on this Christmas Tree for Becks Bakehouse with Hellen Kiprizloglou of Prana Design Studio.

The Haus – DIA Silver Award

At the 2010 Laminex Group South Australian Design Institute of Australia Awards Enoki was awarded a Silver Award for the identity and environmental graphics created for The Haus Hahndorf in the Visual Communication Category.

Connection with Human Interactions

Poppies Flowers asked Enoki to re-brand their shop. The brief asked that the design be organic, natural, earthy and perhaps even a little bit raw. The solution revealed itself during the design process and was really quite simple. Hand writing is as organic as it gets. Hand writing also has a connection with human interactions, letter correspondence, expressing love or writing a list. The final concept came about with the thought 'if I was writing a shopping list, I would write flowers on my list'. The business cards and message cards use heavy recycled cardboard and are die-cut into abstract, simple poppy shapes. Poppies Flowers are situated at 363 Glen Osmond Road, Glen Osmond.