Welcome Danielle Duvoisin

Danielle enjoys the subtle and exquisite beauty in all things well designed. Growing up in the U.S., she fondly remembers passing nails to her architect father, drawing next to her grandfather, a children’s book author and illustrator, and watching quietly as her great grandfather created beautiful wood carvings.

Living an hour’s drive from New York, she and her family made weekend trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA and the Guggenheim, not knowing then how formative those excursions would be for her. She began searching for her own creative path, as a painter at San Francisco Art Institute in the 1980’s, but discovered her interests lay in more practical forms of design. She studied at the Genoa School of Furniture Design in New York state, where her love of fine furniture and interiors found expression. After a two-year stint at the Jam Factory in Adelaide, and several Los Angeles design and production management positions, she and a colleague formed an interior design partnership in the year 2000.

Danielle moved to Adelaide from Los Angeles in 2010, with her Australian husband and their two young children. She joins Enoki as marketing/promotion and production manager.