Enoki at Bowerbird in May

Deluxe Adelaide is a brand new magazine put together by Advertiser Newspapers. It showcases 'deluxe' pursuits in our fair city. In the 'Calendar' at the back of the second edition, Bowerbird Bazaar is announced as a must see event to take place between the 6th and 8th of May. Enoki's 'Stitch' rug has been used as the promotional image. Take a look, and we hope to see you at the Bazaar.

Foray into New York

Recently Enoki created a range of viable identity options for a New York based law firm. A resolution with Enoki was not reached, but we thought we would share some of our favourites. Cammisa Markel is an immigration law firm that helps individuals get the necessary papers and consents to work in a new country. These four concepts cover a range of ideas from 'the sun rising on a new life', 'positive movement into the future', 'friendly professionals providing a trouble free solution' and 'a hot air balloon to freedom'


Alex exhibiting at Salone Satellite in Milan

The design feature 'Form' in 'The Adelaide Review' featured a study tour to Milan that Alex will take part in later this year. Alex will have the furniture piece she created during her final year of University exhibited at the famous Salone Satellite in Milan in April. The exhibition is part of an extensive study tour that will take in the Milan Furniture Fair and visit major Italian design companies, galleries, showrooms and studios throughout Italy. Have fun Alex!