Order Flowers Online with Ease

After a long and considered process, finally the new Adelaide Flower House website is launched and fully operational. A clean design based on the idea of found treasures. A crumpled piece of paper opened up to reveal a magnificent array of floral designs, just like you might find at the bottom of your garden. On the paper reads a discarded message/poem with a strong relationship to the flowers there-in. Adelaide Flower House is a well known and respected florist with a proven high quality aesthetic and finish. The website initiates an easy and fun way to shop for flowers for that someone special. Visit Adelaide Flower House here.


Our Neighbourhood #1

As the first installment of insights into our neighbourhood, this residential front garden features everything from gnomes and egyptian heads, to meerkats and storks. With it's abundance of quirky objects, this garden never fails to stir a smile.

Functional Galley Kitchen

An exercise in the use of clean, minimal lines, palette and tight spacial planning. This busy family needed a low fuss, highly functional kitchen, with materials that could stand up to a kitchen that has high use. The galley configuration allows for all to be at your fingertips, while the long bench tops gives ample prep space as well as a quick spot for kids meals. The simplicity of the space makes it one the client does not tire of.