Our Neighbourhood #2

We welcome the arrival of Dunks & Unley; a quaint and quirky blend of cafe and second hand furniture store. Located on the corner of Dunks St and Unley Rd, aromatic coffee, sweet treats and savoury bites can be devoured amoungst second hand furniture pieces or out in the inviting courtyard.

Alphabet Soup

Whilst playing Alphabet Soup, Enoki's interactive learning game, children and adults can enjoy time together in the kitchen. A colourful soup bowl and spoon are tools for scooping up alphabet cards that match up with corresponding icon cards. Printed on durable cardboard and wrapped in an icon-covered tea towel, this product makes a perfect gift for any young child.

Interactive learning game includes tea towel, soup bowl and spoon, alphabet and icon cards. Bowls and spoons available in red, orange, yellow or green. For sales and stockists enquiries send an email to contact@enoki.com.au.

Bowerbird Bazaar May 2011

Enoki exhibited at Bowerbird Bazaar in 2011 after 2 years away developing their product offerings. The event was a huge success. Three days of wonderful food by 'Let them eat' and 'Red Door Bakery' and great coffee by 'Espresso Royale'. We shared the experience with other great designers and craftspeople like Adelaide's 'Lex Stobie', beautiful clothing by 'Nell Design', and winter warmers by 'Otto & Spike'. We hope to see you all again at BB October 2011.

Three days to Bowerbird Bazaar @ Queen's Street Theatre!

The Enoki boardroom plays host to all components of the cumulus pendants, alphabet soup and more. See you there this Friday, from 4pm onwards.

Cumulus Re-released

Enoki will be re-releasing the Cumulus light fitting in a range of different shade fabrics at the up-coming designer market Bowerbird between May 6 and 8. Take a look at this recent photograph of the Cumulus Pendant. At Bowerbird we will also be launching the Cumulus in its newest form, the floor lamp. Hope to see you there!

Space in 1.6mSq

In a recent project the biggest challenge was to create the feeling of space within a small space. In this bathroom that includes a basin, toilet and shower alcove, there was a footprint of only 1.6mSq. With the use of a large mirror on the wall opposite the entrance to the room, the removal of built in cabinetry, and large white tiles, space was achieved.