Cumulus in Vogue

The Cumulus Pendant was featured in it's flat packed form, in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Vogue Living.

Cumulus Floor in Belle Magazine

The Cumulus Floor light is featured in the 'Right Now Design' section of Belle Magazine (October/November 2011 edition).

Adelaide Living

The Freschi Residence, Brammy Kyprianou Residence and Cumulus Floor lamp were featured in the Summer 2011 issue of Adelaide Living.

Sexuate Subjects Exhibition

The Sexuate Subjects Exhibition was held in London earlier this year, as part of the international interdisciplinary Sexuate Subjects conference. Jane Lawrence and Rachel Hurst exhibited a collection of abstract t-shirts, responding to the work of three distinguished contemporary Australian design partnerships including Enoki:

“Each design partnership was selected as a pertinent study for the ties that bind professional and private lives. The pieces were derived from spatial and structural analyses of works from each couple’s practice, and imbued with perceived qualities of tensions and tolerances within their pairing.

Enoki’s piece was constructed from the conventional materials and techniques of architectural representation - crafted from detail and tracing paper. It was cut and inscribed with plans and dimensions, Enoki graphics and forms and text relating to their design work. Traditional dressmaking craft and materials – fine white cotton were also used as an allusion to the everyday, which underwrites the constancy of long-standing partnerships. Deliberate asymmetry in the piece implied that partnerships are not always equal; the varying degrees of translucency and opacity suggest that for every coupling there are degrees of difference and alignment. The loose threads in each work allude to the notion that there is always more work to be done.

Designed as work to be viewed in the round, the delicate piece is to be hung or suspended within a slipstream of air. The fluttering and whirling movement of the intentionally fragile garment is a metaphor for the often tenuous and turbulent nature of close associations.”

(written by Jane Lawrence)

Studio Bambini

Enoki's children's Cumulus pendants, Alphabet Soup game, Children's Soup Rugs and Puzzle table were featured in the Spring/Summer 2011-2012 issue of Studio Bambini magazine.