Song of the week!

Title: Islands
Artist: The XX
Album: XX

Back to school - Week 5 & 6

After attempting to find the right moment to begin the mural, a weekend session was decided upon. The process was simple - draw the structure of the mural with chalk, 'cut' around the shapes of the background leaving the internal spaces of the shapes for the students of Room 9 to fill in. All went to plan with all the camel colour and the green 'cut' on the 'City' tank and the 'Suburb' tank.

Then it started to rain steadily all night and most of the next day. The green was still wet when the rain began to fall…

Finding a dry period between Tuesday 10am and Wednesday 4pm meant fix-up time was upon us. After a quick tidy up of the 'cutting' and a first coat of the troublesome green on Tuesday afternoon, the students help with the rest and a second coat of green on Wednesday morning.

And it rains… fingers crossed the paint sticks!

A Counting Screen

As part of the ongoing installation process at Morphett Vale Primary School, the new Senior School screen was installed on the weekend. Designed to act as an interactive screen to give the student break out area some privacy from the student reception counter, the screen is semi-transparent allowing students and teachers to see through the screen to the activities on the other side. Thanks for your help on this one Jack Rabbit Imaging! The shiny bright balls are bound to attract and create fun and promote creative thinking!

Back to school - week 4

There was a very excited class of kids at room 9, Glen Osmond Primary this week as it was finally time to get some paintbrushes out! The class broke into groups of 4 and took it in turns to help paint the white primer on the tanks.

Despite a few cases of paint on uniforms and in the hair, they did a great job, and we now have three freshly primed water tanks waiting to be painted.

While the little helpers went mad on the water tanks, the rest of the class practised painting their characters inside using some watercolours. They looked great!

Shop Talk

One of our favourite online stores Y10 is now a stockist of our Cumulus light range. Y10 store is a beautifully curated collection of homewares and apparel with a simple and classic aesthetic. The team at Y10 not only gather together these amazing pieces to help you create your own interior masterpieces but they also add to this mix with their own designs, a part of the business that they are looking forward to expanding in the future.

Song of the week!

Title: Midnight City
Artist: M83
Album: Hurry Up We're Dreaming