From the archives

Here's another taste of some projects from the past. This series of posters were created for the Uni SA creative masterclass program where designers and other creatives get the chance to learn from the experts in their chosen field.

Song of the week!

Title: Idea of Happiness
Artist: Van She
Album: Idea of Happiness

Design South Australia

We are very excited to be in the Design South Australia publication designed by the cool kids at voice and curated by The Integrated Design Commission. It's a beautifully designed book showcasing the work of creatives in various fields in South Australia.

Home sweet home

We are pleased to announce that our new range of Broth cushions were a hit in Melbourne and the rest of our stock from the show has just arrived home to our studio in Adelaide. We are loving the playful touch they add to our space, and they come in very handy for lunch time siestas!

Power posters!

We have been sorting through the studio lately and thought we would share some past graphics projects with you.

These images are concepts taken from a project for a solar power company. The connected spheres represent the sun powering the earth.

Song of the week!

Title: I got the feeling
Artist: James Brown
Album: I got the feeling

Shop Talk

La Croix, our newest stockist of our Cumulus lights are a beautiful store in Sydney that specialises in French antique furniture and homewares sourced from around Europe.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better - they also double as an award winning cafe selling scrumptious  French tartines and wine - a delight for all the senses!

Cumulus in Inside Out!

We are loving the shot of Cumulus in this months issue of Inside Out. It's part of a 'fresh angles' spread 'pairing strong geometric angles with luxurious fabrics and soft furnishings'.

Song of the week!

Title: Storm
Artist: Django Django
Album: Default

Show time!

Danielle and Susanna are in Melbourne at the Life Instyle show this week showing off all our new products. Here is a peek at our beautiful stall decked out with our Broth Cushsions, Bean stools, Cumulus lights and Ben + Flo table. The girls are having a great response to the new range and receiving plenty of orders already. 

You can check out some more products pics on our website.

Congratulations Sitemed!

We would like to say a big congrats to our friends at Sitemed for being awarded with the 2012 HTC Start-Up Award at the Telstra Small Business Awards this year. Sitemed is an SA based on-site health and emergency response company established by Nicole Nott (pictured below).

We have worked with Nicole and her team over the last two years to rebrand and revitalise the company identity. The Sitemed logo we designed represents roadways leading to the scene of the accident. Using the logo as a starting point, the support diagonal grid pattern was then developed to give the identity a unique and contemporary feel. The many 'Roadways' used throughout the branding communicate the idea that Sitemed is never far away.
It is a pleasure working with the team at Sitemed and we are not surprised by the recognition being awarded to such a talented bunch. Congrats!