Life Drawing!

We had some little visitors in the office yesterday and Wynter, age 5 was giving us a quick lesson on life drawing. They were so cute we had to share! She even gave the statue a beanie because he had a bald head and might get cold!

A recent project

We thought we would share some photographs with you of a gorgeous kitchen renovation we recently completed. The Heading kitchen is full of contemporary quirks intertwined with traditional detailing. The wall and ceiling panelling was given a slathering of white paint, brightening the space and pulling out existing features such as the timber window frames and beams. The black and white colour palette is complemented with a spark of mint green, subtly interjected with tile grout, power point backing plates and furniture. American Oak adds warmth, whilst the robust nature of Carrera marble provides a classic yet solid work top. Custom timber shelves were detailed right down to 'v' grooves for crockery display and black metal fixtures. We would also like to thank the lovely Bri Hammond for her photography of this project.

Hot Chocolate

I was very excited this weekend to walk into Hot Chocolate, a homewares shop on the Parade Norwood and see our Broth Cushions on display throughout the store. They looked beautiful in amongst the other products and have apparently been doing very well! To see more of our broth cushions check out our website!

Winners again!

We're not quite sure how this is happening... but we won bocce again this week! It was an awesome game against the Tamabocces despite some attempted score tampering. haha. Go the cold rolls!

Schools out for summer!

We have sadly come to the end of our murals project with Glen Osmond Primary School. It has been so much fun working with the kids in room nine and we think the murals look awesome! The kids each came up with their own environmental warrior then painted them into their environments of the city suburbs or bush. Here are some of the pics from the final products.

Song of the week!

We have had a week full of live music this week! Leigh travelled to Melbourne earlier in the week to see Coldplay at Eddihad stadium supported by Temper Trap and Alex was lucky enough to see the beautiful Sigor Ros at Thebby Theatre on Thursday. We have picked one song from each for our song of the week. Enjoy!!

Enoki wins the Laminex Award!

Most of the Enoki team attended the Laminex Group DIA SA Awards on Friday night and it was a great night! The venue was kept secret and we were told to meet at the rotunda in the city. We then floated around the Torrens on Popeye with champagne in hand before being led to the festival centre for the awards. We were lucky enough to be awarded with the Laminex Group Award 2012 for the common! Congrats to everybody else who went home with awards on the night, there was some truly inspiring work.

Back to school again!

The graphics crew at Enoki went back to school again on friday to finish off the water tank murals at Glen Osmond Primary School. We once again split up into our groups 'city', 'suburbs' and 'forest' and it was time for the kids to paint the buildings and their characters onto the tanks. We began by drawing the buildings onto the maps in grey. Above is the city, complete with hospital, bakery and zoo! Next step was to draw the characters onto the map in chalk. As everybody rubbed off their character and redrew it atleast once, this was a great lesson in pacing ourselves and the drafting stages of artwork. Then came the paint, and the murals really came to life! Everybody had a great time adding their own personal touch to the murals, something they will be able to look back on for years to come. We had a bit of fun too!

Belated bocce

Enoki played our round 2 bocce match at Hindmarsh square last week. We played against Bendigo Bank this time and although there was a bit of luck involved we won again! Go team! here's a few snaps of the fun below. It was Leigh's first game as a cold roller and she dominated! Looking forward to next week!