Replicas vs the real thing!

In Australia, there is a constant battle roaring between replicas and original design. This is something that lies close to our hearts and we strive to educate clients, friends and family about the importance of supporting original design, both locally and internationally. In Europe, it is illegal in many countries for people to import replica designs; hopefully one day, Australia will follow suit. ‘The Real Thing’ article from the Share Design Inspiration Blog, is a little voice out there helping to educate. We couldn’t not share it. Read the article in full on the Share Design website. Below are some design classics you have probably seen floating around the shops in replica form at a deflated price, the Herman Miller Eames Hang It All, the Thonet B9 Le Corbusier and the Knoll Bertoia Side Chair.



Enoki Cumulus pops up in WA!

Flipping through the latest issue of Artichoke magazine today we came across the beautiful new Gordon Street Garage designed by Foolscap Studio featuring a dining area semi enclosed by a drop ceiling adorned with several of the Enoki Cumulus! You can read the story in full on page 85 of Issue 43 of Artichoke magazine, visit the Enoki website for more information on the Cumulus pendant or the Foolscap website for more images of the new space.

Enoki Cumulus on The Block!

The Enoki Cumulus pendant made an appearance on The Block on Channel 9 on Sunday night. Here are some picks of the living room it was featured in. The couple who selected the pendant are Kim and Matt from Western Australia. For more details and images of the Cumulus pendant check out the Enoki website.

MVPS Photoshoot

Last year Enoki were asked to design the graphic language for Morphett Vale Primary School. The environmental graphics followed the idea of 'learning by interacting with your surroundings'. Graphic symbols were created for early years, middle years and senior years, each set depicting a corresponding level or learning. We went down to the school last week for a photoshoot and here are some of our favourite shots from the day.

Here's a sneak peak of the packaging we designed for the brand spanking new Zahr Mezze Cafe Bar. Go check it out and treat yourself to a Lebanese Pizza at 179 King William Road, Hyde Park. Picks of the interior will be up ASAP so keep your eyes peeled!