Introducing Capsule Projects!

Introducing Capsule Projects! A team comprising 3 progressive companies with a successful history of creative collaborations on various commercial projects. The four directors, Susanna Bilardo and Judd Crush from Enoki, Patrick Caroscio from Design Think and Anthony Giordano from Giordano & Associates, decided it was time to create an 'official' joint venture and Capsule Projects was born. The exciting opportunity arose for the new collective earlier this year to tender for the new Adelaide Channel Nine office and studio fitout and Capsule Projects were successful. The high profile project at 169 Currie Street, the former Adelaide Bank building, will consist of 3 levels of work spaces for the 100 plus staff and news spaces, including a glass fronted studio at street level that enables passers-by to view production from the street. Enoki are very excited to be a part of this new addition to Adelaide as part of the Capsule Projects team! Bring on 2015!