Decorated Pointe Shoes for Create

'Let your light shine' and 'Beautiful War on the Feet' were created for The Create Project. The Create Project was the brain child of 'Friends of the Australian Ballet South Australia' and was launched in 2013. An international first, the project captures the magic of ballet, fashion, art and design as leading Australian designers transform Bloch's iconic Pointe Shoes into timeless works of art in support of The Australian Ballet.

The Grill concept illustrations

Working with the idea of archetypes and folk lore to develop graphic concepts for The Grill. Both of these concepts were left out of the final solution. Head up to The Grill Restaurant at the Stirling Hotel to see the final graphics and the new menus.

Green Bites concept work

Displayed here are some concept ideas for Green Bites. An asian/vietnamese eatery coming soon to Gawler Place. We are working through the finer details of the signage and packaging. Please check back for more as this one comes to fruition.